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RFCorr: boohu

I'm packaging a roguelike game called boohu.  The game itself is good, but
the grammar of messages is atrocious -- to the tune of >50% requiring a

However, while I can fix grammar myself, in many cases I'm unsure what
wording would be best from a stylistic point of view.

Thus, it would be great if someone could:
  git clone https://github.com/anaseto/boohu
then search for all lines containing "Print", correct them, and provide a
patch (either as a pull request directly to upstream, or for me to apply
in our packaging then forward).

[I'm not subscribed to l10n-english, I may overlook a reply without CC.]

// If you believe in so-called "intellectual property", please immediately
// cease using counterfeit alphabets.  Instead, contact the nearest temple
// of Amon, whose priests will provide you with scribal services for all
// your writing needs, for Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory prices.

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