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Re: Please review and translate: announcement "Debian 7 Long Term Support reaching end-of-life"

Hello Adriana, Rui

El 2 de junio de 2018 3:37:18 CEST, "Adriana Cássia" <adriana.org@gmail.com> escribió:
>2018-06-01 7:52 GMT-03:00 Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org>:
>> Dear all
>> Please review and translate the announcement about Debian 7 Long Term
>> reaching end-of-life, available here:
>> (to be published today 1 June 2018, around 14:00 UTC).
>> Sorry for the very short notice.
>> Translators, please note that we just adapted the Debian website to
>use Git
>> instead of CVS, and now the "translation-check" header cannot be
>> manually anymore. That's why the template does not include such
>> We (publicity) will generate the headers when we commit the files in
>the Debian
>> website (webwml) repo.
>> Thanks!
>Hi Laura,
>I translated to Portuguese - BR.
>I asked  permission on publicity repository.

I can add permissions to Adriana and Rui to the publicity repos, but not now (afk).

But the announcement is already published so your translations need to be committed to the website repo, no the publicity/announcements repo anymore.

And with the website the problem that we spotted when we released Stretch: the website is not prepared yet to show 2 variants of Portuguese. I believe there were two issues here: the organisational (please decide to set the two language human groups, coordinators, mailing lists...) and the technical one (how to adpapt the website code, test the build of the two variants, move the current pages to the corresponding variant) and frankly I don't know if there was any progress about this in the last year (well, I know that at the technical side no progress was done, sorry).

My proposal is to file a bug against www.debian.org and coordinate there. We can use the Chinese case (3 variants) as reference for setting up both the organisational and technical changes.

Kind regards

Laura Arjona Reina
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