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Re: Fwd: Re: KLog translation help needed

> Slightly delayed by unexpected good weather.
X'DD come to the South of Spain and you will not review translations
anymore! X'D

>> You are right, however I was not intending to write in British or US
>> English... :-)
>> Now that you are pointing it out, I think I should "translate" to
>> British English... whenever possible.
> No, normally for a basic C locale it ought to be en_US, and it's
> unusual for there to be much demand for other varieties.  Users of
> KLog in particular are much more likely to be in the US than the UK
> if only because the US issues ten times as many radio licenses.
Yes, you are right... en_US, then :-)

> My best guess for this one is
>     msgid " - The callsign was missing for a QSO at this time: "

> And either way, these messages would be clearer with a verb:
>     msgid " - The time was missing for the following callsign: "
>                        ^^^
> (Or "is", but it follows "This QSO had", so past tense seems natural.)
> What I suppose you *could* say here is
>    "Welcome to KLog - brought to you under the terms of the GPL!"
> And/or where you've got "agree to" the license" you could say
> "acknowledge".

> Or you might want:
>      "Export ALL the QSOs into one ADIF file, merging QSOs from all the logs."
This is the word! Merge! :-)

>> I have rewritten it to:
>> "Go through the log reusing previous QSOs to fill missing information in
>> other QSOs"
> That's a lot better, but I'm still not sure about the logic of
> "previous" or "reuse" - after all, this might be using them for the
> first time, and your "previous/current" contrast seems backwards.
> Would it make sense to say
>   "Go through the log using new QSO data to fill in information missing "
>   "from previous QSOs"
That is the case!
We are checking previous QSO to fill the new ones.

>> Any idea on how to rewrite the menu?
> For a start "Fill QSO data" at the start should be "Fill in QSO data".
> So maybe...
> [...]
> (But I haven't tried to do this in the attached .pot since for a start
> I wouldn't know what to do with the "&"s)
>>> Does this mean "if you want updated DX-Entity data, update CTY.CSV"?
>>> Or what?
>> You are right. That is what that sentence means.
>> Any suggestion to make it clear?
>> I have added: "For updated DX-Entity data, update ct.csv"
> Typo there:                                           ^y
>>>> msgid "Score for the DXMarathon on the selected year"
>>>> msgstr ""
>>> s/ on / in /g

> But then what does it mean by "Please check that the correct satellite
> is selected"?  If it's talking about the list in the screenshot, the
> whole point is that the name that has been detected isn't available to
> be selected from the list.  Should it be
>    "KLog has detected a satellite name that it does not recognise. If it "
>    "should use one of the names of known satellites instead, please select "
>    "it from the list. Alternatively, please contact the development team to "
>    "add the new satellite name.\n"
There is a list and a free-text box where the user can type the
satellite name, to alow the users to enter the sat name... there are new
sats in the air every several months... so more sats than KLog reviews! :-)
> Even looking at that it's not completely obvious what "box" it means,
> except that since I'm looking for a set of QSOs it must mean the GUI
> element showing a list of them.  I'd suggest for a tooltip
>     msgid "Select/unselect all the QSOs shown"

>>>> #: ../setuppagemisc.cpp:120
>>>> msgctxt "SetupPageMisc|"
>>>> msgid "This is the default file where ADIF will be saved."
>>>> msgstr ""
>>> Should that be "ADIFs"?
>> ADIF is a file format (www.adif.org) and here I am referring to the
>> default ADIF filename... so I think  this time is "ADIF" :-)
> Sure, but tar is a file format, and we don't talk about a file where
> tar will be saved.  Perhaps it should be "where ADIF data will be
> saved"?
Understood and agree.
> I think it would be clearer as
>      msgid "Enter your information for rig #1"
> You want
>      msgid "Enter your information for antenna #1"

> (Traditionally in en_GB these things are referred to as "aerials", not
> "antennas", but radio hams seem to have adopted the en_US term.)
You are right.

> The problem is that it's phrased as if it's pointless for me to enter
> anything because KLog is planning to ignore me and use its own idea.
> Probably what you want is something like
>   "Enter the locator of your station. Alternatively, KLog can use an"
>   "approximate locator based on your callsign"
It seems that it's all done! :-)
I will check how the updates work on the code and send a new email to
debian-i18n for other languages.

Thank you so much Justin.


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