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[RFR] English debconf templates uim


I would appreciate if you have any time to review
the new debconf template for uim package.

Uim is an input method module library which supports various scripts and can
act as a front end for a range of input methods, including Anthy, Canna,
or SKK (for Japanese), Pinyin (for Chinese), Byeoru (for Korean), and
M17n (for many other languages). Most of its functions are implemented in
Scheme, so it's very simple and flexible.

The uim package has various input methods.
The users have to select and register input methods to use.
This template is displayed to select input methods to register.
But some input methods (anthy,skk,tcode) are provided by other packages,
they are not needed to be selected here.

Could you please review this?

Please cc me, as I do not subscribe to this list.

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Template: uim/inputmethods
Type: multiselect
Choices: byeoru, ipa-x-sampa, latin, look, m17nlib, pinyin, viqr
Default: byeoru, ipa-x-sampa, latin, look, m17nlib, pinyin, viqr
_Description: Input methods to register:
 The uim package can use various input methods.  The following are currently
  - byeoru     : byeoru hangul input method
  - ipa-x-sampa: X-SAMPA IPA input method
  - latin      : Latin script input method
  - look       : Dictionary-based completion input method
  - m17nlib    : m17nlib input method
  - pinyin     : pinyin input method
  - viqr       : Vietnamese Quoted-Readable input method
 The following input methods require package installation.  Automatically
 registered after package installation:
  - anthy           : Install `uim-anthy` package.
  - skk             : Install `uim-skk` package.
  - tcode           : Install `uim-tcode` package.

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