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review new debconf template pkg-mysql/mariadb-10.0

Dear debian-l10n-english team,

A new debconf template (mariadb-server-10.0/feedback_plugin) will be
added to package mariadb-server-10.0 (the full template can be found
here [0]) :

_Description: Enable the feedback plugin?
 The Feedback plugin is designed to collect and, optionally,
 upload configuration and usage information to Mariadb.org,
 or to any other configured URL.
 The collected data will be used to steer engineering and community
 of MariaDB in the right directions. It is used to continuously improve
the product.
 The plugin gathers only non-sensitive information, no personal data or
 anything that would enable tracking of the user will be sent.
 See https://mariadb.org/about/statistics/
 for more information on how to configure the Feedback plugin and
 collected MariaDB usage statistics.

Thank you for reviewing the text in the description. Comments and
improvements are welcome.


Kind regards,
Dieter Adriaenssens
Junior Developer @ Debian MySQL Maintainers Team

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