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Re: Last part of the proposed changes to debian-faq

victory wrote:

> pkg_basics:487:
> <url id="https://www.debian.org/doc/devel-manuals.en.html#debmake-doc";>.
> s/.en.html//


> pkgtools:403:
> <p>In these cases, `foo-data' doesn't depend on `foo', so when you
> remove the `foo' package it will not get automatically removed by most
> package management tools. The same holds true for
> the library packages. This is necessary to avoid circular
> dependencies. However, if you use <prgn>apt-get</prgn> 
> (see <ref id="apt-get">) or <prgn>aptitude</prgn> (see <ref id="aptitude">)
> as your package management tool, they will
> track automatically installed packages and give the possibility to
> remove them, when no packages needing them remain in your system.
>   longman:
>   need
>   1 [T not in progressive] to have to have something or someone, 
>     because you cannot do something without them, 
>     or because you cannot continue or cannot exist without them; 
>     [=]require:
> maybe needing here is invalid?

No, that's valid.  "Need" is an oddly irregular verb that can't decide
whether or not it's a modal (and modals don't have -ing forms).  But
"packages needing them" can't be the modal version, since it has an
object ("needing them") and no complement clause - so it's the regular
verb with an -ing form.

(Any native speakers reading this and thinking "what's irregular about
it?" should consider:
	He needs to go!
	* He need go!
	He needn't go!
	He need only go!
	* Need he go?
	Need I ask?
...where "*" means "I couldn't use this in conversational English".)
> software:24:
>     LibreOffice.org productivity suite, Gnumeric and other spreadsheets,
> .org?

You're right - the suite hosted at openoffice.org was officially
"OpenOffice.org" (due to a trademark clash), but the version at
libreoffice.org is just called "LibreOffice".
> uptodate:15:
> shipped on the Debian CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.
> s/Ray/ray/

Yes (so many spelling gotchas!)

> changelog:24:
>   * Update section "Debian an the kernel". (Closes: #599018)
>  s/an/and/ ?


JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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