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Re: FAQ.html and MANUAL.html, was Re: fwd: Re: Re: Please review changed man-file of w3m

Justin B Rye wrote:
> Sorry, out of time!

Back to work:
>> ,BUF:DELETE,,Delete current buffer,Delete current buffer,Delete current item,

Oh, are these hardwired keymappings for use within the SELECT menu? So
when it says "Delete current buffer" it means "remove selected item
from list" ("current" is a bit misleading, since presumably I'm *in* a
current buffer).  Ah, but it does have a status line that clarifies
that the things it's listing are "buffers", so it really might as well
be "Delete selected buffer".

>> ,BUF:GO,,Go to the selected buffer,Go to the selected buffer,Go to the selected item,

"Go to selected buffer".  If DELETE can drop the article, so can this

>> ,BUF:NEXT,,Select next buffer,Select next buffer,Select next item,
>> ,BUF:PREV,,Select previous buffer,Select previous buffer,Select previous item,


>> , ,,,,,
>> ,LINEEDIT:ACCEPT,,Accept,Accept,Accept,

Hardwired keymappings for use in line-edit mode.  Okay...

>> ,LINEEDIT:BACK,,Move cursor backward,Move cursor backward,Move cursor backward,
>> ,LINEEDIT:BOTTOM,,Move to the bottom of line,Move to the bottom of line,Move to the end of line,

Unless you're writing this from top to bottom, Japanese-style, this
should be "end of line".

>> ,LINEEDIT:BS,,Delete previous character,Delete previous character,Delete previous character,

I'd suggest skipping the BS and calling this "Backspace".

>> ,LINEEDIT:COMPLETE,,Complete filename,Complete filename,Try to complete filename,

I think for once I side with Yoda on this one - drop the "Try to".

>> ,LINEEDIT:DEL,,Delete current character,Delete current character,Delete current character,

Universal agreement.

>> ,LINEEDIT:EDITOR,,Edit with external editor,Edit with external editor,Move cursor forward,

Universal agreement except for the mixup at the end.

>> ,LINEEDIT:FORWARD,,Move cursor forward,Move cursor forward,Move cursor forward,
>> ,LINEEDIT:KILL_AFTER,,Kill everything after cursor,Kill everything after cursor,Kill everything after cursor,
>> ,LINEEDIT:KILL_BEFORE,,Kill everything before cursor,Kill everything before cursor,Kill everything before cursor,
>> ,LINEEDIT:NEXT,,Fetch the next string from the history list,Fetch the next string from the history list,Fetch the next string from the history list,
>> ,LINEEDIT:PREV,,Fetch the previous string from the history list,Fetch the previous string from the history list,Fetch the previous string from the history list,

Universal agreement.

>> ,LINEEDIT:TOP,,Move to the top of line,Move to the top of line,Move to the beginning of line,

Again, it's "beginning", not "top".

>> , ,,,,,
>> ,MENU:CANCEL,,Back,Back,,
>> ,MENU:CLOSE,,Close menu,Close menu,,
>> ,MENU:DOWN,,Move to next item,Move to next item,,
>> ,MENU:LAST,,Go to last item,Go to last item,,

Previous-item is "MENU:UP", so this must really mean "final item", the
opposite of "MENU:TOP".

>> ,MENU:LINE_DOWN,,Scroll down one item,Scroll down one item,,
>> ,MENU:LINE_UP,,Scroll up one item,Scroll up one item,,

This is adjusting the display rather than the selection, then?

>> ,MENU:NEXT,,Go to next page,Go to next page,,
>> ,MENU:PREV,,Go to previous page,Go to previous page,,

Oh, in multi-page menus.

>> ,MENU:SEARCH_BACK,,Search backward,Search backward,,
>> ,MENU:SEARCH_FORE,,Search foreward,Search foreward,,

Spelling: "forward".

>> ,MENU:SEARCH_NEXT,,Search next regexp,Search next regexp,,
>> ,MENU:SEARCH_PREV,,Search previous regexp,Search previous regexp,,

You don't search regexps - you search texts for matches to regular
expressions.  If these are the same as the previous two, except using
regexpish searches, they should be called "Regexp-search backward" and
"Regexp-search forward".

>> ,MENU:SELECT,,Select item,Select item,,
>> ,MENU:SUSPEND,,Suspend,Suspend,,

There's a special SUSPEND for use within menus?

>> ,MENU:TOP,,Go to top item,Go to top item,,

Asymmetrically-named partner to MENU:LAST.

>> ,MENU:UP,,Move to previous item,Move to previous item,,


>> , ,,,,,
>> ,Bookmark operation,,Bookmark operation,Bookmark operation,Bookmark management,

What are these?

I might need more context, but "bookmark management" seems a better
name for it.

>> ,Buffer operation,,Buffer operation,Buffer operation,0,

And this should probably be "buffer management".

>> ,Buffer selection mode,,Buffer selection mode,Buffer selection mode,0,
>> ,Dictionary look-up,,Dictionary look-up,Dictionary look-up,0,

Separables like this don't usually get a hyphenated noun: it's
"backup", "checkout", "login", "setup", "shutdown".

>> ,File/Stream operation,,File/Stream operation,File/Stream operation,File/stream operation,

Probably "File/stream management".

>> ,Hyperlink operation,,Hyperlink operation,Hyperlink operation,Hyperlink operation,

Probably "Hyperlink management".

>> ,Line-editing mode,,Line-editing mode,Line-edit mode,Line-editing mode,


>> ,Mark operation,,Mark operation,Mark operation,Mark management,

That last one.

>> ,Miscellany,,Miscellany,Miscellany,Miscellany,

A set of miscellaneous things *can* be called a miscellany, but it's
unusual for anything but collected written articles.  Say
"Miscellaneous" (with implied noun "items").

>> ,Page/Cursor motion,,Page/Cursor motion,Page/Cursor motion,0,

Being really really nitpicky, "Page/cursor movement".

>> ,Pop up menu,,Pop up menu,Popup menu,0,

Okay, so it's being used as if it was an adjective, but this is really
the one-word noun "popup".

>> ,Search,,Search,Search,Search,

No arguments here!

>> ,Show keymap file,,Show keymap file,Show keymap file,0,

Or here!

>> ,Tab operation,,Tab operation,Tab operation,0,

Again, "Tab management".

>> ,User defined keymaps,,User defined keymaps,User defined keymaps,0,

I don't know whether this is solidly established in English usage, but
to me a "keymap" is a data structure mapping keys to functions.  So
this is either talking about the (singular) user-defined keymap or
(preferably) "User-defined keymappings".

>> ,,,,,Menu selection mode,
>> ,,,,,Buffer/tab navigation,
>> ,,,,,Content operations,

Now, here it *does* feel right to talk about "content operations",
because "content management" is a specialised buzzword.

>> ,,,,,In-page navigation,
>> ,,,,,Lynx-like key bindings,

Fair enough.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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