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Re: proofreading the installation-guide


Justin B Rye, on Thu 04 Feb 2016 09:48:05 +0000, wrote:
> It's looking as though the only way this is going to be doable is if
> I split it up into multiple runs with different methodologies:
>  1) things like converting <classname> → <package> and dhcp → DHCP
> 	which ought to be introduced across the whole manual in one go
> 	but are relatively easy to apply to the translations;
>  2) semantics-preserving grammar-fixes etc. that I can introduce in
> 	stages, chapter by chapter;
>  3) other things, if I live long enough.

That's the idea, yes.

> But I'm rather confused by the way instead of per-chapter .po files
> (like "trunk/manual/po/fr/post-install.po") some languages have
> complete translated copies of the individual .xml files (such as
> "trunk/manual/de/post-install/post-install.xml").  What's the
> procedure for those?

There is no procedure: the translators have to cope with what is
happening. You can do 1) on them easily, 2) does not matter, and for 3)
translators will have to perform the changes.

It'll however be useful if you write in the changelog whether this is a
1), 2) or 3), i.e. whether they should just ack the change without more
work, or not care about the change in the english version, or actually
look at the change and perform corresponding changes.

> >> In that case, it may be hard to fix the translations. For those where it
> >> is easy (fixing numbers, which AIUI are in all languages written with
> >> arabic numbers), this is the same as b) and c). For other cases, you can
> >> commit your change.  Christian, do you think he should update po files
> >> and commit the fuzzied result, so that further po updating will be
> >> no-ops?
> > 
> > Yes, that's the better way, imho.
> Just to be sure: when people talk about "updating" a .po file, they
> don't mean the stage of manually editing it to be up-to-date, they
> mean running a particular .po-update script that handles the
> importing of new strings, right?

Yes. "Commit the fuzzied result" means commiting as they are left by the
po-update script.


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