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Re: proofreading the installation-guide

Quoting Samuel Thibault (sthibault@debian.org):

> I.e. changing the english text, which will make the translations fuzzy
> for no reason.  In that case, you can either:
> - fix the english text
> - fix the english version in the corresponding .po files *exactly* the
> same way, so that po update will be a no-op
> or
> - fix the english text
> - update the translations (see doc/translations_po.txt, "Updating your
> translation")
> - drop the "fuzzy" keyword and outdated text from the modified entries.
> The latter method will update the english version exactly the same way
> automatically.  Depending on the state of the translation, it may also
> fuzzy other things, which is to be expected and commited.  Christian,
> perhaps an experimented translator could do a po update commit, so that
> any po update that Justin before his changes is a no-op, and thus po
> updates after his changes will only include his changes?  Also, is there
> perhaps an msg call to do the no-op unfuzzying in an easy way?

There is ("msgattrib --clear-fuzzy") but this will un fuzzy also what
was fuzzy before, which is not intended.

The real safe way is the first method:
> - fix the english text
> - fix the english version in the corresponding .po files *exactly* the
> same way, so that po update will be a no-op

That may be painful to do if the changes in English text are
complicated and end up being splitted on more than one line in the PO
files (which will make a very painful "sed" operation to do)

> >  b) fixes that affect everybody in a clearly parallel fashion, such as
> >     correcting "dhcp" to "DHCP";
> >  c) similarly, changes to the docbook, like introducing <package> in
> >     place of <classname> for packages;
> In these cases (language-independent changes), the translations need
> to be updated. Ideally you'd just do the change in english, as well as
> in all translations (and in the english counterpart in the case of po
> files), so that again translators won't have further work to do.
> >  d) (optional extra) content updates - for instance Appendix C3 claims
> >     "an older home machine might have 32MB of RAM and a 1.7GB IDE
> >     drive"... wow, even the first PC I cobbled together from junk
> >     parts in the nineties was significantly better than that!
> In that case, it may be hard to fix the translations. For those where it
> is easy (fixing numbers, which AIUI are in all languages written with
> arabic numbers), this is the same as b) and c). For other cases, you can
> commit your change.  Christian, do you think he should update po files
> and commit the fuzzied result, so that further po updating will be
> no-ops?

Yes, that's the better way, imho.

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