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Re: Help wanted for template improvements [Bug#805455]

Paul Gevers wrote:
>> Since in this text we only ever mean "bunch of tables", would it do
>> any good to substitute some word like "dataset" at the crucial point?
> Only if that word is recognized, which I seriously doubt.
>> And maybe we should also avoid the word "purge".
> This may be a good idea. I must admit that I, as a non-native speaker,
> don't have a clear feeling of the difference between remove and purge,
> except that I know the difference from the behavior of apt. I know you
> can purge hoses and volumes with gas.

And dissidents, and one's bowels; it has overtones of energetic
(possibly overenthusiastic) cleansing.
>> Yes, we're purging a
>> package, but we're not purging a database, we're removing database
>> files (whether via "rm" or "sql drop table...").
> I am not sure if all DBMS really use files per database. Does anybody
> know? I think it may just add to the confusion if we do that.

Last time I had anything to do with MySQL, which was a long while ago,
I think it actually put one *directory* full of files per database
under /var/lib/mysql.

Oh, how about replacing "purge"/"remove" with "delete"?

That is,
      [...] Then it will ask if you want to delete the database and
      revoke the standard privileges for the user of ${pkg}.
      Description: Delete the database for ${pkg}?
      [...] you can choose to delete the database and
      revoke the privileges now.

It should at least be clear it's not talking about a DBMS package.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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