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Translation of Denemo

Hi all, Denemo is looking for translators. Version 2.0 has just been released with the following stats:

Catalan 3467/5259 active translator
Czech 5005/5259 active translator
Danish 3302/5259 active translator
English (British) no active translator
French 2728/5259 active translator
German 226/5259 no active translator
Italian 3662/5259 no active translator
Japanse 1025/5259 active translator
Polish 454/5259 no active translator

Even with an active translator, it could be a good idea to contact that person and ask to help out with the translation, Denemo is a lot of hard work getting translated.

The work is done on The Translation project: http://translationproject.org/domain/denemo.html
Please join your languages team and register the Disclaimer (can be done online): http://translationproject.org/html/whydisclaim.html
If for some reason your language team is no responding/active, then contact us directly.

Denemo is a free music notation program for GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and Windows that lets you rapidly enter notation which it typesets using the LilyPond music engraver. Music can be typed in at the PC-Keyboard (watch demo), or played in via MIDI controller (watch demo), or input acoustically into a microphone plugged into your computer’s sound card. Home page: http://www.denemo.org/

Information about the new version 2.0 can be seen here: http://savannah.gnu.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=8390

The different versions in Debian can be seen here: https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=denemo

And if you already wants to install the new version then Debian packages can be found here: http://www.denemo.org/~aschneider/  (for users of Debian 8 “Jessie”, 64 bit PC can use the packages by Andreas Schneider. To install, download the files into a temporary folder, e.g. /tmp, cd into that folder and run as root dpkg -i *denemo*2.0.0*.deb)


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