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Re: proofreading the installation-guide


Dixit Justin B Rye, le 12/09/2015 :

>Assuming I can get write access, how do I minimise the pain? I could
>split the changes into:
> a) fixes for the English that shouldn't affect translations (e.g.
>    correcting Germanic uses of "respectively", objectless "allow",
>    etc.)
> b) fixes that affect everybody in a clearly parallel fashion, such as
>    correcting "dhcp" to "DHCP";
> c) similarly, changes to the docbook, like introducing <package> in
>    place of <classname> for packages;
> d) (optional extra) content updates - for instance Appendix C3 claims
>    "an older home machine might have 32MB of RAM and a 1.7GB IDE
>    drive"... wow, even the first PC I cobbled together from junk
>    parts in the nineties was significantly better than that!
>But while I know a few basic svn commands (which is more than I'll ever
>understand of git), it's not clear to me whether doing (a), (b), (c),
>and (d) as successive commits would let translators benefit from them
>being separate.  

The fuzzy strings will appear only after re-generating po & pot files.
No need to do several commits. I think you can keep your original

>Would I need to learn how to do fancy stuff like
>branches and merges?

I don't think so.
For orthographic changes, you could grep all the po-files and modify the
original string, this would prevent the fuzzy to appear. Or manually
unfuzzy some translations after re-generating. 
But if you feel uncomfortable with this, don't do it : translators are
used to this. It's just a matter of Ctrl-U / Ctrl-Down !


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