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Re: proofreading the installation-guide

Hi Justin, 

Dixit Justin B Rye, le 25/08/2015 :

>Okay, these have become bugreports:
> #794936 - claims it will use "CD-ROM" as cover-term then doesn't
> #795944 - should call a RAID a RAID
> #796662 - rethinking priorities
>At this stage what I'd *like* to be able to do is submit half a dozen
>different patches for different types of recurring problem - one to
>tidy up the <command>s and <package>s, one to fix up the outbreaks of
>un-English grammar, one to correct the capitalisation of titles, and
>so on.  Unfortunately each of these patches would trample on all the
>others, so it would be pointless unless I could be confident that each
>one would be applied promptly while I was generating the next one, and
>that doesn't look likely.

>Plan B is to proceed by dividing the sweep up into one generic
>proofreading bugreport per XML file, or perhaps more manageably one
>for every dozen or so XML files (which is still verging on being a
>Mass Bug Filing).
>Has anyone got any useful advice?

Ask for write access on alioth ? 
I (as a translator) am a little afraid about all the fuzzy strings we
will get. And need to discover the very subtle variations. So I don't
want to wait the end of the release cycle !
Your plan A is OK for me.

Moreover, there were no objections on your wordings since several weeks,
so (in my opinion) please go ahead.

Thanks for proofreading the installation-guide.

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