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Re: Bug#793937: [LCFC2] templates://libdvd-pkg/{templates}

Quoting Dmitry Smirnov (onlyjob@debian.org):

> > >  This package automates the process of doing downloads of the source
> > 
> > Hmm, "do" can often be a bit weak, if that's what you mean...
> I mean "process of (doing|launching|performing) downloads" feels heavy and 
> unnecessary... Why not just "process of downloading"?

Maybe a bit heavier, but I usually tend to have great confidence in
Justin's ability to find a style that would look as natural as
possible to native speakers (he usually makes my own first versions
much lighter). So I guess this is not, after all, too heavy.

Moreover, I think the main idea was to keep the plural form that seems

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