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Re: Please review changed man-file of w3m

On Thu, 30 Oct 2014 22:14:39 +0100
markus.hiereth@freenet.de wrote:

> > > Correction: The German equivalent is not obligatory! Dots are
> > > sometimes used, but more often, numbers appear in groups of three.
> > Japanese, by the way, traditionally groups noughts in fours.
> Facing such questions, I appreciate the usual treatment of numbers in
> science where Giga, Kilo, micro, nano etc serve as killers for
> noughts.

we use 万 for 10k, 億 for 100M, 兆 for 1T, ...
even for me, using 億, 兆, 京, ... is much preffered for 9+ digits

no need to CC me :-)
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