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Please review changed man-file of w3m


while translating w3m manpage into German, I found a lot of things
that could be improved about it. I would appreciate if some subscriber
of the list checked the attached file with respect to language and

Best regards
.nr N -1
.nr D 5
.TH W3M 1 "2014-10-23"
.\"improvements with respeckt to bugreport 268211
.UC 4
w3m \- a text based Web browser and pager
pager mode 
\fBw3m\fP [-t | -r | -M | -config \fIfile\fP | -I \fIcharset\fP | -O \fIcharset\fP ]
browse and file view mode 
.\"fixes bugreports  530468 345084
\fBw3m\fP [-t | -r | -B | -M | -N | -W | -X | -num | -graph | -cookie | -title | -reqlog ] \fIfile\fP | \fIURL\fP [...]
remote target data mode 
\fBw3m\fP [-m | -dump_source | -dump_head | -dump_both | -dump_extra ]  \fIURL\fP 
filter mode 
\fBw3m\fP [ -dump | -cols \fIN\fP | -I \fIcharset\fP | -O \fIcharset\fP | -T \fItype\fP ]  [ \fIfile\fP | \fIURL\fP ] 
special startups 
\fBw3m\fP [ -v | -B | -bookmark \fIfile\fP ] 
usage information 
\fBw3m\fP [ -o | -show-option | -help  | -version ]
.\".\" This defines appropriate quote strings for nroff and troff
.\".ds lq \&"
.\".ds rq \&"
.\".if t .ds lq ``
.\".if t .ds rq ''
.\".\" Just in case these number registers aren't set yet...
.\".if \nN==0 .nr N 10
.\".if \nD==0 .nr D 5

\fIw3m\fP is a World Wide Web (WWW) text based client. It has English
and Japanese help files and an option menu and can be configured to
use either language. It will display hypertext markup language (HTML)
documents containing links to files residing on the local system, as
well as files residing on remote systems. It can display HTML tables
and frames.  In addition, it can be used as a "pager" in much the same
manner as "more" or "less".  Current versions of \fBw3m\fP run on
Unix (Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, Linux, FreeBSD, and EWS4800) and on
Microsoft Windows 9x/NT.


At start up, \fBw3m\fP will load any local ile or remote URL specified
at the command line.  For help with runtime options, press \fI"H"\fP
while running \fBw3m\fP. Command line options are:

\fB-t\fP \fIN\fP
set tab width to N columns
ignore backspace effect
\fB-l \fIN\fR
preserve N lines of STDIN input (default 10000)
\fB-I \fIcharset\fR
user defined character encoding of input data
\fB-O \fIcharset\fR
user defined character encoding of output data
\fB-T \fItype\fR
explicite characterization of input data by MIME type
load stored bookmarks
\fB-bookmark \fIfile\fR
specifies bookmark file to be used (default \fC~/.w3m/bookmark.html\fP)
allows starting with no defined input via STDIN, file or URL
render frames
.\"fixes bugreports  530468 345084
distributes series of input, one tab per file or URL. By default series of input files loaded in a stack of buffers.
monochrome display
do not use mouse
display each line's number
go to line N, only effective for N larger than number of lines in the terminal 
internet message mode
use graphic characters for borders of frames and tables 
do not use graphic characters for borders of frames and tables 
squeeze multiple blank lines
toggle wrap search mode
use the buffer name as terminal title string. 
If TERM is specified, TERM style title configuration is used
do not use termcap init/deinit
\fB-ppc \fIN\fR
width of N pixels per character. Range of 4.0 to 32.0, default 8.0. 
Larger values will make tables narrower.
\fB-ppl \fIN\fR
height of N pixels per line. Range of 4.0 to 64.0.
dump formatted/rendered page into STDOUT
.\" bugreport 285251
dump source code into STDOUT
dump response of HEAD request into STDOUT
dump HEAD and source code into STDOUT
dump HEAD, source code and extra information into STDOUT
\fB-cols \fIN\fR
renders HTML input to lines of N characters length (to be used with -dump)
\fB-post \fIfile\fR
use POST method with file content
\fB-header \fIstring\fR
insert string as a header
do not use proxy
IPv4 only (equivalent to -o dns_order=4)
IPv6 only (equivalent to -o dns_order=6)
accept and use cookies
neither accept nor use cookies
show all available config option
\fB-config \fIfile\fR
use file instead of the default configuration file \fC~/.w3m/config
\fB-o \fIoption=value\fR
assign value to config option
show \fBw3m's\fP version and help on invocation of the programm in the command line
show version version of \fBw3m\fP
log headers of HTTP communication in file \fC~/.w3m/request.log
.\"fixes Bug report 380560 Use simplest example
\fBw3m\fP as a pager
\fC$ ls | w3m\fP
HTML files displayed by \fBw3m\fP
\fC$ w3m foo.html | 
$ cat foo.html | w3m -T text/html\fP
Conversion of HTML content by \fBw3m\fP
$ cat foo.html | w3m -dump -T text/html >foo.txt
.\"fixes bug report 403634 man w3m: add a FILES section
user defined configuration file, overrides \fC$/etc/w3m/config\fP 
user defined key binding, overrides default key binding
user defined menu, overrides default menu
user defined mouse settings
deposit of cookies between termination and start of of \fBw3m\fP   
history of visited files and URLs
password and username file
contains predefined values to fill recurrent html forms with
external viewer configuration file
MIME types file
.\" .TP
.\" .I ${HOME}/.w3m/urimethodmap
.\" ???
This is the \fBw3m\fP 0.5.3 Release.
Please see the MANUAL.html file distributed with \fBw3m\fP for
more detailed documentation.
Additional information about \fBw3m\fP may be found on its Japanese
language Web site located at:
or on its English version of the site at:
\fBw3m\fP has incorporated code from several sources.
Users have contributed patches and suggestions over time.
Akinori ITO <aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp>

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