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Re: Please review text for security warning

On 20/10/14 07:56 PM, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Is anyone likely to misread "self-modification by users" as meaning
> "getting my ears pierced", or is that the kind of thing that only
> occurs to pedants?

You're right, it's a bad place to use slapd jargon that overloads
general terms. One last attempt, then:

_Description: Potentially unsafe slapd access control configuration

There's nothing wrong with your previous suggestion ("OpenLDAP access
control rule issue"), I'm just hoping it can be slightly more explicit
about what the issue is, and mention slapd specifically.

> I might suggest adding the word "slapd" or "slapd.conf" in the first
> couple of lines, though there is a good clue at the end.

Under the Dialog frontend, the dialog title is "Configuring slapd", so I
thought that might be OK. Either way, including it in the first line
resolves that.

> Non-native speakers can find "integrated" relative clauses ("rules
> beginning with") hard to follow, so I would suggest saying "rules that
> begin with" instead.  You might even rearrange it as
>    In the case of slapd access rules that begin with "to *", it is
>    recommended to remove any instances of "by self write", so that
>    users are only able to modify specifically allowed attributes.

That does flow a lot better, thanks!

Thanks for your help,

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