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Review of NEWS entry:


I should move some old and obsolete config file to a location outside
path to be multiarch safe and avoid breaking reverse depends.

All the whole archive use pkgconfig and thus is safe. However some
user complain. So I propose this text

  Obsolete config scripts (Magick-config, MagickCore-config,
  MagickWand-config, Wand-config and Magick++-config) are
  not multi-arch safe and thus have been removed from /usr/bin.
  Moreover, these scripts are superseded by pkg-config
  However as a courtesy to our users, these scripts have
  been moved to
  where $DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH is the multi-arch triplet and
  $QUANTUMDEPTH is the current quantum depth.
  Please note that these scripts will be definitively removed after

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