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Re: proposed changes to templates in fpc

Quoting Paul Gevers (elbrus@debian.org):
> Hi all,
> I am going to make the attached changes to the templates of fpc. As
> noted in the file I should contact this list. However, I don't think you
> will have objections because:
> - I am adding one string that wasn't translated and some documentation
> for the translators
> - I am actually fixing errors in the translations as some translations
> in fpc have translated the additional (now translatable) string that in
> the past should not have been translated.
> - After addition, I will request updates from the translators that
> didn't translate the string yet.
> - I will take care to copy the translation from the paragraph if it
> already contains the translated string.

Thank you for the notice, Paul.

All of your plan seems fair. And your attention to l10n is very much

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