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Re: Bug#758402: ITP: python-xstatic-jquery.quicksearch -- jQuery.quicksearch XStatic support

On 08/18/2014 11:00 PM, Justin B Rye wrote:
>> As opposed to dynamic content. For example:
>> > - javascript
>> > - .css
>> > - .png
>> > 
>> > are all static files, and not scripts. This is what XStatic provides.
> When you say "not scripts" you mean "not the Python code of your
> actual webapp", right?  Oh well, I get it now.  My confusion was
> because when a package description says it contains "static files",
> that essentially boils down to "any actual files at all", since
> obviously it can't provide content for $DOCROOT/dynamic/!

You should view a javascript file just as if it was a PNG image... This
is still static content, which will *not* be modified grammatically in
the Python application.


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