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Re: Bug#758402: ITP: python-xstatic-jquery.quicksearch -- jQuery.quicksearch XStatic support

Hi David,

Thanks for this message. I would welcome indeed any change to this long
description, reviewed by the d-l-english team!

On 08/17/2014 09:08 PM, David Prévot wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> If you’re going to introduce many similar packages in the archive, may I
> recommend a proofread of the common description by d-l-english, CCed?
> Among ugly things that strikes me as odd:
> - weird upper case emphasis (e.g., YOUR, MINIMAL);
> - incorrect upstream reference (e.g.,
> s/javascript/JavaScript/;s/java/Java/;s/js/JavaScript/;s/linux/Linux/;s/bsd/BSD/;s/windows/Windows/)

These are copy/past from the upstream stuff, but as it is often the
case, it shall be improved.

> Some parts may be of little relevance for a Debian package too:
>>  By having static files in packages, it is also easier to build virtual envs,
>>  support linux/bsd/... distribution package maintainers and even windows
>>  installs using the same mechanism.

I do believe this is relevant. The point of the XStatic packages is that
they are available using "pip install", which make them universal. This
is a very good "selling point" for Python developers, and will push them
to use XStatic rather than embedding static files directly in their
python module/app.

Of course, this can be changed to something like "it is also easier to
build virtual envs, which will work in any distribution" if you think
that's more relevant.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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