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Updates so far.

Lintian spotted an unused template and Justin spotted a duplicate
template, so those have been sorted and I've included some of the
changes so far.

control, lava-server.templates and po/templates.pot attached.

The control file has been updated with dependency changes as LAVA is
continuing development and these needed updates.

There is merely a coincidence in the similarity of LAVA and LAMP.

LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL PHP

LAVA: Linaro (Linux on ARM) Automated Validation Architecture.

LAVA uses Apache, Postgresql, Django and python as well as more unusual
stuff than most webapps like kpartx, qemu, git and fuse.

CC'ing the [INTL:pt] bug submitter as an update will be needed once
this review is complete.

Next upstream release is due shortly after 1st August 2014.


Neil Williams

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