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Re: Bug#752045: [BTS#752045] templates://dictionaries-common/{dictionaries-common.templates} : Final update for English review

2014-07-19 8:21 GMT+02:00 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>:
> Dear Debian maintainer,
> On Monday, June 23, 2014, I notified you of the beginning of a review process
> concerning debconf templates for dictionaries-common.
> The debian-l10n-english contributors have now reviewed these templates,
> and the final proposed changes are attached to this update to the
> original bug report.
> Please review the suggested changes, and if you have any
> objections, let me know in the next 3 days.
> However, please try to avoid uploading dictionaries-common with these changes
> right now.
> The second phase of this process will begin on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, when I will
> coordinate updates to translations of debconf templates.

Sorry, I was very busy with the end of the term and could not read
your message in depth until today, once translators started sending
changes. I even thought I was the one who should ask translators for

Looking at the translations I noticed that first template was not
being translated. It was temporarily left as untranslatable in the
uploaded packages to have the question available, but translators not
start working on it until consensus was reached, and it got unnoticed
as non-translatable.  Changed it to translatable, added a dot at end
of sentence and changed type to error.

I also missed that templates to be removed were still there, removed.

Changes attached, both full templates file and diff against final version.

Sorry for being late,

--- dictionaries-common.templates.orig	2014-07-23 19:30:38.748133519 +0200
+++ dictionaries-common.templates	2014-07-23 19:28:00.829443439 +0200
@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@
 # changes should be coordinated with translators and reviewers.
 Template: dictionaries-common/debconf_database_corruption
-Type: note
-Description: Possible debconf database corruption
+Type: error
+_Description: Possible debconf database corruption
  The setting for "${question}" is missing, but packages providing
- candidates are installed: "${class_packages}"
+ candidates are installed: "${class_packages}".
  This may be due to corruption in the debconf database. See
  "/usr/share/doc/dictionaries-common/README.problems" on "Debconf
@@ -79,22 +79,6 @@
  The default wordlist can be changed at any time by running
-Template: dictionaries-common/move_old_usr_dict
-Type: boolean
-Default: true
-_Description: Move non-FHS stuff under /usr/dict to /usr/dict-pre-FHS?
- Some files (instead of symbolic links) have been found in "/usr/dict",
- a location deprecated by the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) in
- favor of "/usr/share/dict".
- .
- If you accept this option, everything under "/usr/dict" will be moved
- to "/usr/dict-pre-FHS", and a symbolic link named "/usr/dict" will be
- created pointing to "/usr/share/dict".
- .
- Although no current package uses the obsolete /usr/dict location, not
- having the symlink may break legacy software, so you are encouraged to
- allow this change.
 Template: dictionaries-common/old_wordlist_link
 Type: boolean
 Default: true
@@ -121,15 +105,6 @@
  Until this problem is fixed you will not be able to use ${xxpell}
  with "${hashfile}".
-Template: dictionaries-common/remove_old_usr_dict_link
-Type: boolean
-Default: true
-_Description: Remove obsolete /usr/dict symlink?
- This system has an obsolete symlink "/usr/dict", which is not compliant
- with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. No packages currently use that
- location, and none of your programs should rely on it, so it should be
- removed.
 Template: dictionaries-common/selecting_ispell_wordlist_default
 Type: note
 _Description: Default values for ispell dictionary/wordlist not set

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