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Re: Review package description for liferea (Bug #745842)

>This makes me wonder exactly how GNOME-specific it is, but >otherwise looks good.

It's not GNOME specific at all.
I think I'll go with:
"Description: feed reader for your desktop"

> - you might even
> capitalise it as "LInux FEed REAder" to make the why-the-name hint
> clearer (see footnote).

Ya, as you mentioned it should build on kfreebsd so I really don't
think emphasizing the "why-the-name" is particularly important.   I
think I'll just simplify it down to "Liferea is a feed reader".  Do
you have any objection to that?  It seems to me that the whole LInux
FEed REAder is just an obsolete and possibly confusing thing to say
considering it builds on kfreebsd.  Most likely it will later build on
many other platforms, making the "Linux" part of the name even more
irrelevant than it is already.   It's my opinion that if they want to
know the origin of the name, they can go google it since it's not
really useful in knowing whether or not you want to install the

> I can be sure Liferea isn't a CLI tool like wget, or a daemon that
> updates my bookmarks overnight, or some such.  But it still doesn't
> really convey the idea that Liferea has a GTKish interface modelled
> after a threaded mail/newsclient with an embedded graphical browser;

I don't think the GTKish interface is particularly important since
liferea will work with a number of different KDE/Gnome themes.  It can
even look like a Windows XP or Windows 7 interface with the right
desktop themes.  So to a user it might or might not look anything at
all like a GTKish interface.  Themes are only going to get more
powerful in GTK3/KDE5.

I like the part about it having a similar interface to a
mail/newsclient  with an embedded graphical browser so I'll definitely
be using that.

> Sticking "Linux" on the front wasn't a great choice anyway, given that
> it apparently builds for kfreebsd-*.

As they say, hindsight is always 20/20.  :).

Thanks for your feedback.
My major concern at this point is whether or not liferea shows up if
somebody does a search for "newsreader" and a search for "Feed
reader".   I guess I'll put "feed reader/newsreader" in the
description to take care of this?  Or is it better to do this with

I now have:
Description: feed reader for your desktop
Liferea is a feed reader/newsreader that brings together all of the
content from your
favorite web subscriptions into a GUI that's easy to organize and browse.
Liferea uses a simple interface similar to a desktop mail/newsclient, and it has
an embedded graphical browser.
It supports:
    * aggregating feeds in all the major syndication formats (including
      RSS/RDF, Atom, CDF, and more);
    * synchronizing feeds across devices, with TinyTinyRSS and
      TheOldReader support;
    * downloading articles to read while offline;
    * permanently saving headlines in news bins;
    * playing podcasts directly in Liferea's browser interface.


Let me know what you think.


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