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Request to review templates of OpenStack-related packages

Hi everyone,

In the Spanish localization team we have identified some issues with
the templates of packages related to OpenStack. Thus we would like to
know your opinion about a general review of them as a whole.

I am not sure if this is the right way to start this discussion, but
didn't know on which package to open a bug report and didn't want to
open one on each as this affects - at least - the following packages:

 * ceilometer
 * cinder
 * glance
 * heat
 * keystone
 * nova

Some of the issues we identified are:

1- wrong capitalization of OpenStack

At least in glance's template, there are two instances of "Openstack"

2- only some templates have useful clarifications for translators

In Keystone's templates there is a lengthy comment about what "tenant"
means that is not present in other templates but applies to them as

3- same question with different strings

In particular, we have noticed this when asking for the information to
use to register with the Keystone catalog service. Nova uses the
string: "Keystone IP address:", ceilotemer uses "Keystone server IP
address:" while cinder, heat and glance use "Auth server hostname:".

The same goes for the help text associated with that question. For
example, when requesting the IP address to associate to the service's
endpoint, nova, cinder and glance use something like "Enter the IP
address that will be used to contact X (eg: the X endpoint IP
address)." while keystone, ceilometer and heat use the form "Please
enter the IP address that will be used to contact X."

Or for example, one of nova's strings (shared with cinder and glance)
starts with "Each Openstack services..." and ends with "Select if you
want to run these commands now." while the same string in keystone,
ceilometer and heat it starts with "Each OpenStack service..." (notice
that service is singular here and OpenStack is capitalized correctly)
and end with "This can be done automatically now."

Best regards,

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