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Re: Bug#708747: [Openstack-devel] Bug#708747: [BTS#708747] templates://ceilometer/{ceilometer-api.templates} : Final update for English review

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
> Quoting Thomas Goirand (zigo@debian.org):
> > If you think that English templates are now ok, then yes, I'd like to
> > upload them right now, with your approval. It shouldn't take me too long...
> Hmmm,n thinking twice : wait for ALL packages to reach the state where
> I send the "final" mail (the one that says we'll go for the
> translation update round).

Here we are.

From my records, the following packages have reached this "infal"
state and we can now go through the translation update round.


My proposal is for me to send the calls for translations  (they'll
explain translators that the 8 packages have very similar strings and
the same translator should probably work on all of them).

It will last for 12 days, then I'll send a reminder, then wait for 2
more days. Finally, I'll send a summary for each package.

If we agree on this, please note that *any* change to debconf
templates is likely to lead to a Big Mess so we really need to be 100%
OK on the wording of debconf templates that are present in my "final"
mail for each package.


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