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Re: Bug#708660: [LCFC] templates://keystone/{keystone.templates}

Quoting Thomas Goirand (zigo@debian.org):

> I think that someone who doesn't know what a tenant is in OpenStack
> should either give-up using it or read some more documentation. So I'd
> be fine with simply removing "(project)".


I'm thinking about translators who need information in order to choose
the right thing to do.

I propose the following:

Template: keystone/create-admin-tenant
Type: boolean
Default: false
# Translators: a "tenant" in OpenStack world is
# an entity that contains one or more username/password couples. 
# It's typically the tenant that will be used for billing. Having more than one
# username/password is very helpful in larger organization.
# You're advised to either keep "tenant" without translating it
# or keep it aside with your translation. Example for French:
# propriétaire ("tenant")
_Description: Register administration tenants?
 For OpenStack to work, you need a basic tenant configuration. The
 creation of these administration tenants can be done automatically.

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