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Re: Bug#708660: [LCFC] templates://keystone/{keystone.templates}

Quoting Justin B Rye (justin.byam.rye@gmail.com):

> > Template: keystone/admin-tenant-name
> [...]
> > Please enter the name of the administrative tenant (project).
> The bit in parentheses is explaining the word "tenant" by offering the
> equivalent jargon used in a previous system.  This makes me wonder
> whether perhaps we should say something like:
>   Please enter the name of the administrative "tenant" (formerly known
>   as a "project").
> But I haven't actually put that in my revised patch.  Meanwhile I've
> noticed that Quantum has similar templates phrased differently...

Would be interesting to have Thomas' input about this. Thomas?
(CC'ed explicitly just in case)

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