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Re: lacie-uboot : Please review the description

Maxime Hadjinlian wrote:
>>> Description     : lacie u-boot netconsole shell
>> Well, for a start it needs to be "LaCie U-Boot".
> Alright, my bad, I though capital letter were not authorized.

The rule is just that short descriptions don't get any *extra*
capital letters (compare the way a sentence gets the first word
capitalised and a book title gets most words capitalised).

>> What does the description of capsup mean by "update your system"?  Why
>> would you need to "update your bootloader"?  Again, I have no idea
>> what problem this software is designed to solve.  And why is it called
>> capsup?
> It is called capsup because LaCie gives its update as "capsule" so
> it's a contraction of capsule and update.
> I realize while typing it that as you said, it needs a lot of
> knowledge from the user to understand what it could do.

Oh, so it's a sort of TFTP microcode flashing tool?

> Thank you very much for all your advices and input.
> I will rename the tools and write a proper help/manual/description
> from your advices, then I'll send another email for reviewing.
> I was thinking about lacie-uboot-shell for the package name and :
>     - plum could be lacie-uboot-shell
>     - capsup could be lacie-nas-updater
> I don't know if it's preferred to use short name and contraction or
> longer but clearer names ? I would love some pointers so I could try
> and think about new names.

It depends whether this is something I'm going to be running as often
as "ls" or something I'm going to be running as often as "sudo

As it happens "lac" makes a fairly good prefix for tab-completion,
since the only competition is from lacheck.  If the company name was
"gnomex" or something it would require a bit more actual typing.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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