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Re: lacie-uboot : Please review the description

Quoting Maxime Hadjinlian (maxime.hadjinlian@gmail.com):
> Hi everyone,
> I'm in the process of packaging my first debian package, it will be
> named lacie-uboot (if it's accepted of course) and the description I
> wanted to add to the package was :
> Description     : lacie u-boot netconsole shell
> While filing the ITP (#692894), I was advised by Christian Perrier to
> make my package description reviewed by you and so the reason for this
> mail.
> The purpose of the package is to help the user create an interactive
> shell with the U-Boot netconsole of any LaCie product and so being
> able to toy with its boot process.
> I'm not really clear about the whole process so if I forgot anything
> here, please ask.

I would suggest you also propose a first draft of the extended

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