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Re: kismet 2011.03.R2-1: Please review debconf PO/control for the package kismet

>>> Oh, I forgot to add my traditional Why The Name footnote.  README
>>> §18 says: "I really just [...] clicked through a thesaurus until I
>>> found a word that wasn't used in any other OSS projects".
>> I understood nothing at all here, elaborate please :D
> Here on debian-l10n-english I occasionally suggest that package
> descriptions should mention the reason for the package's name (for
> instance if it's a non-obvious acronym).  I've even produced a
> spin-off Wiki page: "http://wiki.debian.org/WhyTheName";.  According to
> the README, the answer in the case of Kismet is basically "why not?"

OK, I see!

So, we do not include why the name, right?
At this point, should I prepare the updated files and send them again
in the list?




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