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Re: Package description review for CycloGraph

Quoting Federico Brega (charon.66@gmail.com):

> > Next the manual.
> Oh, you did much more work than expected.
> The manual is not yet in the package, and was attached only to give an
> overview of the application.
> I'll add it to the package as soon as I can.

 Never underestimate Justin..:-)

I'd recommend applying all proposed changes (as I usually do
myself). It will give you a document that could very well have been
written by a native speaker..:-)

While at it, I wonder about eventually mentioning in either the manual
or the pkg description that Cyclograph can also be very useful for
other sports than cycling (and, here, you guess I'm particularly
thinking about running). Indeed, I'm eagerly awaiting for it to splot
my trail running plots as I currently have to rely on non-free
solutions (the Garmin website mostly) to give accurate enough plots
and height difference estimation of my own runs.

Thanksfor following the advice to get the pkg description reviewed,
Federico. You'll make a great new member of the pkg-running team (even
though you clearly are not running: we should rename the team to
"pkg-sports", indeed).

Greetings from Nicaragua, where running is quite challenging (but
Noèl Köthe, Ralf Treinen and I indeed had great runs)...and
cycling certainly as well but we didn't try..:-)

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