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Re: Subtitles for DebConf talks videos

I can help with Spanish subtitles, and I am interesting in learning
how to do it; Francesca could you please explain a littel bit about
(I know the "format" of the SRT files but I never did a transcription
myself, I don't know if you use a special program to do it or you just
play the video and do manual transcript in an editor, pausing the
video at any time to catch the minutes and seconds).

I am not particularly interested in any talk.
I can start with "Debian: software libre y abierto en la sociedad
actual" [1] if nobody says he/she prefers to do that one, and nobody
suggest me to do a different one.

Laura Arjona

2012/7/16 Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org>:
> Hi all,
> as you probably already know, thanks to our *wonderful* DebConf
> videoteam, the video recordings of DebConf12 talks are now available [1].
> I've started adding English subtitles to them: it is quite a fun task,
> but is definitely time-consuming and - as Velma Kelly from Chicago would
> say - I Can't Do It Alone.
> Any volunteer to help me? ;)
> I've already completed the "Bits from the DPL" talk, and I'm working now on
> "Understanding Debian" by Bdale Garbee and "Introduction to Debian
> translation workflow and processes" by Christian Perrier.
> [@ -l10n-english]
> For Stefano's talk I've already done a technical review (mostly checking
> the sync) but I'd really appreciate a native speaker review. Please note
> that I have skipped most interjections ("ok", "so", etc) and fixed some
> grammar errors (i.e. if the speaker make a mistake, I fix it in the
> subtitles).
> Attached the file with the sub: you can open it with a normal text
> editor.
> [@ -l10n-spanish team]
> There are also some talks in Spanish, held during the Debian Day
> [2].
> I don't feel so confident to add subtitles in Spanish, so maybe someone
> from l10n-spanish could do it?
> If you need some info on how to do it, just ask me!
> [@ debconf-team]
> I'd like to put the subs in the same place of the videos: how can I do it?
> Do I need to send them to you?
> [1] http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2012/debconf12/
> [2] http://penta.debconf.org/dc12_schedule/day_2012-07-07.en.html
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