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Re: Request for review: Apache2 docs and configuration

Hi Justin,

> As a non-developer I'm not familiar with the incantations required to
> check things in and out of git; but now I've worked out how to get
> "raw" versions out of anonscm I can easily give you diffs.

That's perfectly fine to me. I successfully applied your patches without
a problem. Much appreciated [1]! Your fixes sound very fine to me.

> This is the long one...

Sorry, yes.

> A couple of sentences use "shall" where I think they mean "should";
> but maybe it's "must"?  Or a non-normative "ought to"?

Good point. I'll review and reconsider use of these words in that
document. Generally you're right, we need to tell apart uses of
normative and non-normative wording on such cases.

>> * debian/apache2.README.Debian
> I've changed s/building block/foundation stone/ on the assumption
> that this was the metaphor you were going for.

Yes, I was indeed. Mind to tell me the difference? To me, both wordings
sound exchangeable.

> I haven't changed the references to /var/run, which these days should
> probably be talking about /run.  Likewise, you might mention "service
> foo restart" as a standard administrative interface rather than
> "/etc/init.d/foo restart".

We carry an ever older name (that is /var/run/apache2.pid) for legacy
compatibility. Now, that you mention it we might consider to change it,
as we break things anyway.

> I've extended the use of '/path/in/single/quotes' to this file instead
> of allowing extra spaces before punctuation.
>> * debian/config-dir/apache2.conf
> Amended some of those ASCII-art "|-"s to "`-"s.

Yes, that's perfectly fine. I am appreciating your markup fixes to
improve consistency as well. Thanks for that, too!

> Of course I've also ended up looking at debian/control... and finding
> one tiny typo in apache2-doc.

Much appreciated as well. I realize you had lots of work with us this


with kind regards,
Arno Töll
IRC: daemonkeeper on Freenode/OFTC
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