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Bug#669365: Package description - please reuse boilerplate from netpbm

Source: netpbm-free
Version: 2:10.0-15+b1
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org

Dear Maintainers,
reviewing the German translation of the package description from
libnetpbm9 (1) quite useless. It contains just packaging and historic

Description: Shared libraries for netpbm (v9)
 This package contains shared libraries used to be used by netpbm.
 Now we've switched to a single shared library, look out for libnetpbm10.
 This package is provided for backward compatibility.

The netpbm description explains what netpbm is (2).

Description: Graphics conversion tools between image formats
 Netpbm is a toolkit for manipulation of graphic images, including
 conversion of images between a variety of different formats. There
 are over 220 separate tools in the package including converters for
 more than 80 graphics formats.

I suggest using the netpbm description as first paragraph of all
package descriptions originating from this source.

Kind regards

1: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=69861
2: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=69868

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