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Re: Bug#648277: [RFR] templates://guacamole/{guacamole-tomcat.templates}

On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 11:21 AM, Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> wrote:

> Here's something you don't see very often!  I've got nothing to
> contribute except my ritual "why the name guacamole, anyway?"

Names were tossed around in the early proof-of-concept days of the
project before it was even on SourceForge. After several poor attempts
at acronyms and anagrams, I started sorting through animal names. I
ran a few of these names past a friend of mine (James Muehlner, now a
tester on the project) and after mentioning the guanaco, he responded
with "guacamole".

I thought it had a nice ring, so the name stuck, and the logo was
reasonably easy to draw. =)

I'm certain a percentage of the traffic to the project site comes from
people looking for dip who also happen to be interested in HTML5 or
remote access. There was even a hit from someone who originally
searched for "chicken fajitas".

- Mike

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