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live-build debconf templates

The live-build package was uploaded today.

Changelog mentions:

   * Applying some of the suggestions from the reviewed control file
     from debian-l10n-english (Closes: #643957).

As a consequence, it's quite likely that, out of the 8 completed
translations from the translation update round, 7 are outdated. I
roughly guess that German will not be.

We'll see that tomorrow in overall l10n stats.

So, same conclusion than the one we had for lxc: I don't care anymore
about this package. Translators, if you want to complete live-build
translations, please get the PO file from the Debian l10n pages and
send them yourselves as bug reports.

I'll only care about having the French translation updated by
Julien. I just hope he won't be pissed too much and will still accept
to update it. Otherwise, I'll have to do the work myself (which could
be funny).


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