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Re: [Pkg-puppet-devel] [RFR] templates://mcollective/{mcollective-common.templates, mcollective.templates}

Jonas Genannt wrote:
>> I don't follow.  How does "MCollective username/password" imply that
>> it's tied to Apache ActiveMQ?
> you told me to name it "MCollective username/password". I think that
> will confuse people. The configuration flag for that debconf questions
> are:
> plugin.stomp.host =
> plugin.stomp.port =
> plugin.stomp.user =
> plugin.stomp.password =
> So it have to be nambed STOMP username/password.

If this logic applied to the username and password it would apply
equally to all of the other variables there, too.  Which means we
shouldn't be asking for "the port number of the Message Queue server";
we should be asking for "the port number for the STOMP plugin"... and
that seems ridiculous.

I still don't know what phrasing to recommend, because I don't follow
exactly what's going on.  I tried installing mcollective-doc, but it
only contains developer-oriented documentation about Ruby classes and
so on.  I gather the "STOMP username/password" are used for (normal or
administrative?) connections to (or maybe via?) the Message Queue
server in a Marionette Collective cluster...?  Yes, this is the sort
of background information that can naturally be left out of the
variable-names hidden away in /etc/mcollective/server.cfg, but it's
also precisely the sort of context that a sysadmin needs in order to
answer these debconf questions!

(By the way, I notice the server.cfg file is created world-readable.)
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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