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Re: [RFR] English debconf templates for nss-pam-ldapd

Quoting Arthur de Jong (adejong@debian.org):

> Type: select

These are not really translatable material, imho. I suggest dropping
the leading "__"

> __Choices: never, allow, try, demand
> _Description: Check server's SSL certificate:
>  When an encrypted connection is used, a server certificate can be requested
>  and checked. Please choose whether lookups should be configured to require
>  a certificate, and whether certificates should be checked for validity:
>   * never: no certificate will be requested or checked;
>   * allow: a certificate will be requested, but it is not
>            required or checked;
>   * try: a certificate will be requested and checked, but if no
>          certificate is provided it is ignored;
>   * demand: a certificate will be requested, required, and checked.
>  If certificate checking is enabled, at least one of the tls_cacertdir or
>  tls_cacertfile options must be put in /etc/nslcd.conf.

I suggest separating the non hard-(formatted paragraphs and the
hard-formatted one (see Justin's review, too).

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