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Re: new strings in partman-zfs

Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Robert Millan (rmh@debian.org):
>> Please see:
>> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=d-i/partman-zfs.git;a=commitdiff;h=dc5406791a0685a3be3daf1a226462d09de2b7cf#patch13
> I made a few corrections. Please see
> bb075983e0c60e1c5375c4df995428f8f6897114. However, given the length of
> these changes, I'd prefer debian-l10n-english to also have a look at
> these templates. Justin and others, if you're not on a beach somewhere
> in the world, would you mind looking at the abovementioned file (it
> includes my minor corrections)

| Template: partman-zfs/confirm
| Type: boolean
| Default: false
| # :sl4:
| #flag:translate!:4
| Description: Write the changes to disks and configure ZFS?
Shouldn't that be "to disk", as below?

|  Before ZFS can be configured, the current
|  partitioning scheme has to be written to disk. These changes cannot
|  be undone.
|  .
|  [...]
| Template: partman-zfs/vgdelete_confirm
| Type: boolean
| Default: true
| # :sl4:
| Description: Really delete the ZFS pool?
|  Please confirm the ${VG} ZFS pool removal.

Ungrammatical.  Maybe you want:

   Please confirm the removal of the ZFS pool ${VG}.

(I gather "pool" is just the ZFS equivalent of a VG.)

| [...]
| Template: partman-zfs/lvcreate_nonamegiven
| Type: error
| # :sl4:
| Description: No logical volume name entered
|  No name for the logical volume has been entered.  Please enter a
|  name.

This one still has a double space.                 ^^
| [...]
| Template: partman-zfs/lvdelete_error
| Type: error
| # :sl4:
| Description: Error while deleting the logical volume
|  The logical volume (${LV}) on ${VG} could not be deleted.
|  .
|  Check /var/log/syslog or see virtual console 4 for the details.

This use of parentheses makes it sound as if it is saying that there's
only one logical volume on the pool ${VG}, and that this LV (called
${LV}) could not be deleted.

I suspect what you want so say is that the specific logical volume
${LV} which happens to be on the pool ${VG} could not be deleted:

   The logical volume ${LV} on ${VG} could not be deleted.

| [...]
| Template: partman-zfs/badnamegiven
| Type: error
| # :sl4:
| Description: Invalid logical volume or ZFS pool name
|  Logical volume or ZFS pool names may only contain alphanumeric
|  characters, hyphen, plus, period and underscore. They must be 128
(Harvard comma)

|  characters or less and may not begin with a hyphen. The names "." and
|  ".." are not allowed. In addition, logical volume names can not begin
|  with "snapshot".

You've changed "may not begin" to "can not begin"; I'd recommend
either "cannot begin" (preventing the misreading "is able to not
begin") or if it's just suicidal rather than impossible, "should not

| [...]
| Template: partman-zfs/help
| Type: note
| # :sl4:
| Description: ZFS
|  A common situation for system administrators is to find that some disk
|  partition (usually the most important one) is short on space, while some
|  other partition is underused. ZFS can help with this.
|  .
|  ZFS allows combining disk or partition devices ("physical volumes") to form
|  a virtual disk ("ZFS pool"), which can then be divided into virtual
|  partitions ("logical volumes"). ZFS pools and logical volumes may span
|  across several physical disks. New physical volumes may be added to a ZFS pool
|  at any time, and logical volumes have no size limit other than the total
|  size of the ZFS pool.

You've turned "span" to "span across"; in fact "span" can be used
alone (bridges "span" rivers), but I suppose given the choice "span
across" does give more clues to non-fluent readers.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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