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Re: Updated maint-guide contents, question on style


On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 05:54:01PM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Osamu Aoki wrote:
> >  $ grep -nr --include='*.[c|h]' -e 'usr/local/lib' .
> Fair enough.  Strictly speaking, quotes around the pattern are
> unnecessary unless it contains shell special characters, and -e is
> unnecessary unless you're using multiple or optionlike patterns, but
> I suppose novices should be habitually using them.
                              ~~~~~~~~~~ exactly! 
> I should mention that I'm a seasoned vim non-user:
> "http://www.xibalba.demon.co.uk/jbr/linux/ymmv.html#f";

I see.  Few things good about these heavy editors such as Emacs and Vim
are :
 * the crash recovery
 * keyboard macro
 * multiple undo/redo
 * regular expression operations
Also no unix system comes without (n)vi.  So learning it does not hurt.

> I really don't think so - we see gentoo's build-depends in chapter 4,
> and they include the nonexistent xlibs-dev but not *curses.  Footnote
> 21 admits that this isn't even a real problem with Debian libncurses;
> this is an outdated hypothetical example that confusingly resembles a
> real-world example, so replacing it with an obvious placeholder name
> like libfoo would be an improvement.

YES. I am convinced.  

>   LIBS = -lfoo -lquux

Why quux?  Is this like one of foo bar baz ...

Anyway, I am rewriting this section to mention API change and without
quux since I did not understand it.


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