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Re: Updated maint-guide contents, question on style


On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 10:57:51AM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Chapter 3.


> A patch-management system is a relatively easy piece of unfamiliar
> developer toolchain to learn, but the setup in 3.1 seems strangely
> elaborate - why set up a .bashrc alias that calls quilt via a special
> config so quilt will check an obscure conditional and put some
> variables in its environment... when you could save a couple of steps
> with a dquilt function or wrapper script?  

I am thinking to file a wishlist bug to the devscripts package.

> Or come to that, if I
> installed quilt to use it for Debian packages, why not just modify
> ~/.quiltrc?

This was so previously.  This is good solution many DDs use including
maint-guide for squeeze.  Problem is if package make file uses quilt, it
breaks build.

> 3.3 states the rule against installing to /usr/local twice, once in
> its first paragraph and again after the example Makefile snippets.
> I've trimmed the second one to a reminder.


> And I've tweaked the use of grep, and made the sed expression actually
> use sed rather than vim emulating sed - that is:
>  -$ grep -nr -e 'usr/local/lib' --include='*.[c|h]' .
>  +$ grep -nr --include='*.[c|h]' usr/local/lib .

I go for following manpage order:

 $ grep -nr --include='*.[c|h]' -e 'usr/local/lib' .

> and
>  -$ vim '+argdo %s/usr\/local\/lib/usr\/lib/gce|update' +q \
>  +$ sed -i s#usr/local/lib#usr/lib#g \
>         $(find . -type f -name '*.[c|h]')

This is usually the same result but it does not prompt you before
modification.  I think all these global change are better off if we
approve each substitution.  As I look back, it is a bit cryptic for
novice vim user.  I will present both.

> 3.4 (and footnote): given that readers have no reason to expect
> "-lcurses" to cause any particular kind of problem, and given that as
> a matter of fact it doesn't, wouldn't it be simplest to say "-lfoo"
> and then explicitly state that the problem is that on Debian libfoo is
> known as libfoobar?

??? This is continuation of gentoo package as example.  gentoo requires
curses library.   curses/ncurses is good an example people can relate

Anyway, you have caught many typos.  I really appreciate them all.


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