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Re: Debian Installer Keyboard choices

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> writes:
> Christian PERRIER, le Mon 11 Apr 2011 06:55:47 +0200, a écrit :
>> > Northern Norwegian
>> Should be "Norwegian Nynorsk" if that keymap is really aimed for
>> "nn". Beware, this could also be a keymap suited for Northern Sami.
>> Hence CC'ing Petter as the moral authority for everything that's
>> norwegian in some way..:-)
> Mistake from my part, it's no(smi), so most probably Northern Sami (or
> Saami ?)

Actually, Google reveals that there are two different keyboard layouts
for that language, one for Norwegian keyboards and one for
Swedish/Finnish keyboards:

Don't know if you want to support both, but you should probably make it
clear which one you are supporting.

Norwegian Nynorsk and Norwegian Bokmål use the same keyboard.  The
proper keyboard layout is "Norwegian" regardless of language.

BTW, confusing Sámi and Norwegian is a bit like confusing Hungarian and
French :-)  Not even the same language family... 


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