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Re: Debian Installer Keyboard choices

Petter, look at the end of the mail...and see the thread in -boot.

Quoting Samuel Thibault (sthibault@debian.org):
> Hello,
> I've gone through all the keyboard layouts that we should support
> at installation time since we have enabled translations for the
> corresponding languages in localechooser, I end up with the following
> list of addition:

Here are my comments. Most of the time, it will be "keymap name should
match the language name"

I'll quote those which I think need to be changed.

Please note that translations can often be merged from iso-codes, at
least for everything that is a language name

> Bhutanese

Should be "Dzongkha" or "Bhutan". Maybe more Dzongkha.

> Bosnian - Herzegovinian

Locals  name the language "Bosnian" alone so you may want to stick
with this.

> Laotian


> Northern Norwegian

Should be "Norwegian Nynorsk" if that keymap is really aimed for
"nn". Beware, this could also be a keymap suited for Northern Sami.

Hence CC'ing Petter as the moral authority for everything that's
norwegian in some way..:-)

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