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Re: Debian Installer Keyboard choices

Justin B Rye, le Mon 11 Apr 2011 01:45:48 +0100, a écrit :
> > Irish
> (I'm surprised Irish needs its own keyboard layout...)

It adds dotted consonants.

> > Northern Norwegian
> Are you sure you mean "Northern"?  The two standard forms of
> Norwegian - Nynorsk and Bokmål - are split east/west rather than
> north/south.  If either of them is more "northern" I would have
> thought it was Bokmål, except that surely that would have been the
> *first* Norwegian entry on this list, not a late addition...

More precisely, it's the no(smi) variant, marked "Northern Saami" in
console-setup, maybe I should use that instead.

> > We can typically use the adjective for the country and/or for the
> > language: it happens that sometimes we need to designate the country
> > (because there are various keyboards for the same language, depending on
> > the country), and sometimes we need to designate the language (because
> > there are several languages in the country, and thus various keyboard),
> > but I'm wondering for the case when there is just one widespread
> > language in just one country.
> In theory it's even more confusing than this, because strictly
> speaking it's not a matter of languages so much as writing systems.

Indeed, the Indian case is an example of this.

> > For the record, the current list (a mixture of language and country
> > adjectives) is:
> > 
> > American English
> > Belarusian
> > Belgian
> > Brazilian
> > British English
> (The difference between en_US and en_GB keyboards has nothing to do
> with the language or even spelling-system differences - it's mostly a
> matter of LC_MONETARY.

Indeed :)

> > Latin American
> Do Brazilians get a three-way choice of "Brazilian", "Latin American",
> and "Portuguese"?

Latin American is mostly a qwerty layout with extra mappings to type
es/pt, so it's mostly for use in the US. Brazilian is for pt_BR and
Portuguese is for pt_PT.


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