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grub2 update to fix untranslated debconf templates (was: Bug#605748: Intent to NMU or help for an l10n upload of grub2 to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs)

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Le 04/12/2010 14:23, Colin Watson a écrit :
> On Sat, Dec 04, 2010 at 12:50:37PM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
>> The grub2 Debian package, which you are the maintainer of, has
>> pending bug reports which include translation updates or fixes
>> for po-debconf, namely bug number #605748 (and maybe other similar bugs
>> like #598568).
> Before we go ahead, I'd sort of like confirmation first that the release
> team would actually accept this, given that it goes rather beyond the
> usual run of the mill for translation updates

The problem spotted in #605748 is that, when upgrading from Lenny to
Squeeze, priority at least high debconf questions are showed and those
questions are not translated (and not even reveiewed according to the
source code). I hope (and ask with this message) if the release team
would consider an unblock to fix this issue that would permit non
English reader to upgrade smoothly their system (and give the
opportunity to propose English reader some improved messages).

> that there are already
> two outstanding uploads in unstable not yet in testing:

I fail to find any former discussion about grub2 last month in the
debian-release@l.d.o archive and also fail to find an unblock request,
so I don't know if you already discussed those other issues via other

If the other changes happens not to be acceptable, it could always be an
option to release an update based on the 1.98+20100804-8 current Squeeze
version fixing only #605748 (and following translations).

>> The schedule for the NMU (in case it happens, that is if you agree with
>> it or if I don't receive any answer until tomorrow) is roughly the
>> following:
>>  Saturday, December 04, 2010  :	send this notice
>>  Sunday, December 05, 2010    :	post a NMU announcement to debian-i18n
>> 				with you (maintainer) CC'ed
> I'd like us to have a chance to do a technical review of the template
> changes first, please.

Of course, I do believe that Justin addressed his first review to
#605748 <[🔎] 20101203093416.GA31125@xibalba.demon.co.uk> so you can already
comment on his review. Please let us know if you have any objection to
this proposal, so we could take it as a base for the translation round.

If there is no problem in the proposed templates meaning, and if any
further changes will only provide linguistics improvement, we may handle
unfuzzing translation if any other change happen in the next five days.

> We can handle the upload (and it would be easier
> if we did, since that would let us keep revision control in sync),


> but help with translation coordination would be welcome.

Sure, so if you agree with Justin last proposal, I will handle a short
round of translation update (five days, in order to provide an updated
package in Sid as soon as 1.98+20100804-10 reaches testing if it is
accepted by the release team). Please let me know if you agree.



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