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Re: po/*po files can't generated!

> Eric KOM wrote:
>> Subject: Re: po/*po files can't generated!
> That's ungrammatical, by the way.
Sorry, I'm native french.

>> Hi Dear!
> And that's a salutation I've only ever seen on spam.
>> I'm trying to use debconf with po-debconf in my package,
>> the problem is
>> want I run the command:
>> $debconf-gettextize templates
> That's not necessarily a problem.  However, I see in the manpage for
> debconf-gettextize that it's mostly only needed for converting a
> templates file into a format compatible with po-debconf.  Are you
> sure you need to do that?  It seems unlikely if the templates have
> already been reviewed by this list...
Yeah! Just want to translate the templates file to another languages.
I was thinking that after run debconf-gettextize, It's going to read the
master and POTFILES.in  files and generated all po/*.po files.

>> I received this message error below.
>> Template parse error near `# These templates have been reviewed by the
>> debian-l10n-english ', in stanza #1 of templates
> I suspect there's a parse error in stanza #1 of the templates file,
> right at the top near that commented header line.  That may
> indicate that debconf-gettextize doesn't need to be invoked on this
> file.
>> Please how can I  generate all po/*.po?
> You might want debconf-updatepo; but then again I'm not sure you'd
> be calling that by hand rather than letting the debian/rules file
> have a make target that does it automatically.
I set debconf-updatepo in clean target in debian/rules.
as a description for this command, It only updates all po/*po files.
I was thinking that it's going to create them.

>> May be I missing some step!
>> Thanks a lot.
> You're welcome.

> [and:]
>> It's my time to work with debconf and po-debconf.
>> I was thinking also that I should send the orig text to another
>> Internationalization and Translations list!
> That might be a good idea.  Make sure you tell them exactly what
> you're attempting to do and with what files (from what package).
> If you've modified the English text in the templates, you should
> also definitely send the revised version to this list for review.
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> JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
> 	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package
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Yours truly,
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