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Re: po/*po files can't generated!

Eric KOM wrote:
> Subject: Re: po/*po files can't generated!

That's ungrammatical, by the way.

> Hi Dear!

And that's a salutation I've only ever seen on spam.
> I'm trying to use debconf with po-debconf in my package,
> the problem is
> want I run the command:
> $debconf-gettextize templates

That's not necessarily a problem.  However, I see in the manpage for
debconf-gettextize that it's mostly only needed for converting a
templates file into a format compatible with po-debconf.  Are you
sure you need to do that?  It seems unlikely if the templates have
already been reviewed by this list...

> I received this message error below.
> Template parse error near `# These templates have been reviewed by the
> debian-l10n-english ', in stanza #1 of templates

I suspect there's a parse error in stanza #1 of the templates file,
right at the top near that commented header line.  That may
indicate that debconf-gettextize doesn't need to be invoked on this
> Please how can I  generate all po/*.po?

You might want debconf-updatepo; but then again I'm not sure you'd
be calling that by hand rather than letting the debian/rules file
have a make target that does it automatically.
> May be I missing some step!
> Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

> It's my time to work with debconf and po-debconf.
> I was thinking also that I should send the orig text to another 
> Internationalization and Translations list!         

That might be a good idea.  Make sure you tell them exactly what
you're attempting to do and with what files (from what package).

If you've modified the English text in the templates, you should
also definitely send the revised version to this list for review.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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