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Re: MatApp

Peter John wrote:
> Hello,
>    Well, I made a program which I name it "MatApp" (Matrix Application) written
> in python.
>    So, here's the description  I'll write for the end-user

As a Debian package description?  If so it needs to be reorganised
to obey DevRef 6.2.2 and 6.2.3; my review below is just to turn it
into grammatical English.

> Description: MatApp is that simple tool which helps you to perform matrices

  MatApp is a simple tool which helps you to perform matrix

> addition, subtraction and multiplication. That's all what MatApp does. If you

  addition, subtraction, and multiplication. That's all it does. If you

> don't know what matrix is, please check this link which I found on youtube

  don't know what matrices are, please check out this explanation:

(You didn't find the link on YouTube; you found the *video* on
YouTube, and this is its *URL*.  But you don't need to tell us that
anyway when we can see it says "http://www.youtube.com/";.)

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyAuNHPsq-g. After having a look on the video,


(Written as an unpunctuated line on its own so that it's easier to
copy/paste into a browser.) 

> please get started with the program and if you have any problems please send me

  Once you've watched the video, you can get started with the

> email (sharedaccountactiveATyahooDOTcom) after checking the help in the
> program.

I suspect you don't want people to email you questions like "What's
-7 plus -9?  Is it --2?", so I would suggest making it clearer that
you mean problems with the software:

 and if you have any problems not covered by the program's built-in
 help, please send them to <sharedaccountactive@yahoo.com>.

(Spamproofing is futile if it's going to be all over the web as a
clickable maintainer mailto: link.)
> I'm requesting feedback
> Regards..

More general nagging:

Why are you pointing at a YouTube video link for an idea from pretty
basic mathematics?  I mean, I'm an arts graduate, and even I did
matrix arithmetic at school when I was thirteen or so.  I've
forgotten most of it, but when I want a reminder I just ask
Wikipedia - that way I don't need a graphical browser with a nonfree
plugin, and I don't need to sit and wait for some guy to tell me
what it is he's writing on the blackboard, I can just skim through
the explanation at my own pace.

But if I had never learned what matrices are, why would I be
interested in reading about this app in the first place?  The thing
you need to explain to innumerate potential users isn't how matrix
arithmetic is implemented, it's what matrices are good for.  I can't
help you with that, since the knowledge of how to do matrix
arithmetic has never been useful to me...

It's probably too late to say this, but "MatApp" isn't a great name:
nobody's likely to guess what the "Mat" part is short for, and the
"App" part seems redundant.  If you want to know what I'd have called
it, I'm afraid my suggestion has to be "MatricIDE".
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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