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Re: Press Release: Debian turns 17

Fixes for a couple of grammar problems in this version of the text,
and a few vague ideas for content.

Gabriella Coleman wrote:
> The Debian Project is pleased mark the 17th anniversary of its start. As
                     is pleased to mark
                     (or) happy                            (or) inception

> the official project history states;[0] "The Debian Project was
> officially founded by Ian Murdock on August 16th, 1993. At that time,
> the whole concept of a "distribution" of Linux was new. Ian intended
> Debian to be a distribution which would be made openly, in the spirit of
> Linux and GNU".
> Over the last seventeen years Debian has grown significantly. Initiated
> as a small project with just a handful of developers, it now is composed
                                                           is now
> of nearly 1000 developers from many corners of the globe. Documentation

(Would you be entitled to say "it now has over a thousand
contributors", given that we count more than just the DDs now?)

> has been written in numerous languages, and it now has tens of thousands

> of software packages, all following Debian's Free Software Guidelines.[1]
Insert something about "available for a wide range of architectures"?
Mention that Squeeze, just frozen, is more than just a Linux distro?
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